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BACH Concerto BWV 1043 (4 voix).gpx
BACH Extraits divers.gpx
BACH Invention n° 01 (2 voix).gpx
BACH Invention n° 02 (2 voix).gpx
BACH Invention n° 03 (2 voix).gpx
BACH Invention n° 04 (2 voix).gpx
BACH Invention n° 05 (2 voix).gpx
BACH Invention n° 06 (2 voix).gpx
BACH Invention n° 07 (2 voix).gpx
BACH Invention n° 08 (2 voix).gpx
BACH Invention n° 09 (2 voix).gpx
BACH Invention n° 10 (2 voix).gpx
BACH Invention n° 11 (2 voix).gpx
BACH Invention n° 12 (2 voix).gpx
BACH Invention n° 13 (2 voix).gpx
BACH Invention n° 14 (2 voix).gpx
BACH Invention n° 15 (2 voix).gpx
BACH Suite I (Prelude) - Alterné.gpx
BACH Suite I (Prelude) - Taping.gpx
BACH Toccata et Fugue en Rém.gpx
BEETHOVEN - Für Elise (3 voix).gpx
BEETHOVEN - Hymne à la joie (3 voix).gpx
BEETHOVEN - Sonate au clair de lune (2 voix).gpx
BEETHOVEN - Symphonie 5.gpx
BRAHMS Danse Hongroise n° 5 (4 voix).gpx
CHOPIN Tristesse (3 voix).gpx
HAENDEL Water music (4 voix).gpx
KATCHATURIAN Danse du sabre (3 voix).gpx
KATCHATURIAN Danse du sabre.gpx
MOZART Marche turque (4 voix).gpx
MOZART Petite musique de nuit (4 voix).gpx
MOZART Sonate n° 11 (4 voix).gpx
MOZART Symphonie 25 (4 voix).gpx
OFFENBACH - Frensh Cancan.gpx
ORFF - Carmina Burana.gpx
PACHELBEL Canon (3 voix).gpx
PACHELBEL Canon Rock Dan (light).gpx
PACHELBEL Canon Rock Dan.gpx
PACHELBEL Canon Rock Jerry C.gpx
PAGANINI Caprice 16.gpx
PAGANINI Caprice 24.gpx
PROKOFIEV Roméo & Juliet (4 voix).gpx
PUJOL - Etude n° 1.gpx
PUJOL - Etude n° 2.gpx
RAVEL Bolero (2 voix).gpx
RIMSKY-KORSAKOV Le vol du bourdon (2 voix).gpx
SHOSTAKOVITCH Quatuor 8 (Mvt 2).gpx
VIVALDI - Presto de l'été (4 voix).gpx
VIVALDI - Presto de l'été.gpx
VIVALDI - Printemps (Extrait).gpx
WEILL - Mack the Knife (2 voix).gpx
Arrangement mélant Caravan de Duke Ellington, le Bolero de Maurice Ravel, et la Bacchanale de Samson et Dalila de Camille St Saëns.
Caravan (5 voix).gpx


ALBENIZ Isaac - Asturias.gpx
Atahualpa YUPANKI -
BLACK SABBATH - She's gone.gpx
BONFA Luiz - Orpheo Negro.gpx
Chich COREA -
Claude WORMS - Siguiriya
Claude WORMS - Siguiriya
GUITAR PRO - Jingle.gpx
LAVILLIERS Bernard - Betty.gpx
Mc LAUGHLIN John - Guardian angel.gpx
MSG - I want more.gpx
OZZY - Killer of giants.gpx
Randy RHOADS - Dee.gpx
ROSSONI Frederic - Song for a distressed child.gpx
TARREGA Francisco - Recuerdos de la Alhambra (light).gpx
TARREGA Francisco - Recuerdos de la Alhambra.gpx
YEPES Narcisso - Jeux interdits.gpx


10 Years After - I woke up this morning.gpx
Alvin LEE - I'm writing you a letter.gpx
Arthur SMITH- Guitar Boogie.gpx
BLIND BLAKE - Early mornig Blues.gpx
CC Riders.gpx
Chuck BERRY - Johnny B Goode.gpx
CLAPTON - Wonderful Tonight.gpx
CREAM - Sunshine Of Your Love.gpx
CRY OF LOVE - Peace pipe.gpx
CRY OF LOVE - Pretty as you please.gpx
DOOBIE BROTHERS - Long train runnin'.gpx
GRAND FUNK RAILROAD - Rock'n roll soul.gpx
J GEILS BAND - Ice Breaker.gpx
Jimi HENDRIX - All Along the Watchtower.gpx
Jimi HENDRIX - Foxy Lady (light).gpx
Jimi HENDRIX - Foxy Lady.gpx
Jimi HENDRIX - Hey Joe.gpx
Jimi HENDRIX - Little Wing (Intro).gpx
Jimi HENDRIX - Purple Haze.gpx
Jimi HENDRIX - The Wind Cries Mary.gpx
MC5 - Tonight.gpx
S.R.VAUGHAN - Mary had a little lamb.gpx
STEPPENWOLF - Born to be wild.gpx
The KINKS - You really got me.gpx
The SHADOWS - Apache.gpx
The SHADOWS - Geronimo.gpx
The SHADOWS - Man Of Mystery.gpx
The SHADOWS - Shadoogie.gpx
ZZ TOP - Just got paid.gpx
ZZ TOP - La Grange.gpx

POP / FUNK / Jazz / PUNK...

4 NON BLONDES - Whats up.gpx
ANNIE CORDY - La bonne du curé.gpx
Ben HARPER - Waiting on an angel.gpx
Ben HARPER - Walk Away.gpx
BLOC PARTY - She's hearing voices.gpx
BLONDIE - Hanging On The Telephone.gpx
BLUR - Song 2.gpx
Bob Marley - No Woman No Cry.gpx
BOWIE - Heroes.gpx
BOWIE - Suffragette City.gpx
BOWIE- Ziggy Stardust.gpx
CHRISTIAN DEATH - Skeletons kiss.gpx
CRANBERRIES - Zombie.gpx
DATSUNS - Blacken my thumb.gpx
DEAD KENNEDIES - California Uber Alles.gpx
DIRE STRAITS - Sultans Of Swing.gpx
EMMA DAUMAS- Figurine humaine.gpx
EVA CASSIDY - Ain't No Sunshine.gpx
EVANESCENCE- Thoughtless.gpx
EVANESCENCE- Whisper.gpx
FUZZ - What's in my head.gpx
GREEN DAY - American idiot.gpx
GREEN DAY - Boulevard of broken dreams.gpx
GREEN DAY - Jesus of suburbia.gpx
HIM - Buried alive by love.gpx
HIM - Bury Me Deep Inside Your Heart.gpx
HIM - Join Me In Death.gpx
HIM - The funeral of hearts.gpx
HIM - Wings Of A Butterfly.gpx
James BROWN - I feel good.gpx
James BROWN - Papa has got a brand new bag.gpx
James BROWN - Play That Funky Music.gpx
James BROWN - Sex machine - Licking stick.gpx
James BROWN - Superbad.gpx
James BROWN - The chicken.gpx
Jeff BUCKLEY - Hallelujah.gpx
Joan JETT - I love Rock'n Roll.gpx
JOHNNY - L'envie.gpx
KATATONIA - Cold Ways.gpx
KATATONIA - I Break.gpx
KINGS OF LEON - Fans.gpx
KINGS OF LEON - Soft.gpx
KINGS OF LEON - The bucket.gpx
Les INCONNUS - C'est toi que je t'aime.gpx
Mickael JACKSON - Billie Jean.gpx
MUSE - Feeling Good.gpx
MUSE - New born.gpx
MUSE - Time is running out.gpx
MUSE - Unintended.gpx
NIRVANA - Come As You Are.gpx
NIRVANA - Lithium.gpx
NIRVANA - Smells Like Teen Spirit (E).gpx
NIRVANA - Smells Like Teen Spirit.gpx
OASIS - Hey hey my my.gpx
OFFSPRING - Mota.gpx
OFFSPRING - Race against myself.gpx
OFFSPRING - Self Esteem.gpx
OFFSPRING - The Kid's Aren't Alright.gpx
OFFSPRING - The noose.gpx
OFFSPRING - Why don't you get a job.gpx
PAPYZ- Le tango du paysan.gpx
PARAMORE - Misery Business.gpx
PARLIAMENT - Dr Funkenstein.gpx
RATM - Bombtrack.gpx
RATM - Born of a broken man.gpx
RATM - Freedom.gpx
RATM - Killing in the name.gpx
RHCP - Aeroplane.gpx
RHCP - By the way.gpx
RHCP - Californication.gpx
RHCP - Dani California.gpx
RHCP - Otherside.gpx
RHCP - Under the Bridge.gpx
RISE AGAINST - Prayer Of The Refugee.gpx
ROYAL BLOOD - Figure It Out.gpx
ROYAL BLOOD - Out Of The Black.gpx
SCORPIONS - Still loving you.gpx
SEX PISTOLS- Anarchy in the UK.gpx
SEX PISTOLS - God save the queen.gpx
SMASHING PUMKINS - Bullet with Butterfly Wings.gpx
SOUL ASYLUM - Runaway Train.gpx
SUBLIME - Seed.gpx
SUM41 - Hell song.gpx
TELEPHONE- Ça (c'est vraiment toi).gpx
TELEPHONE- La Bombe Humaine.gpx
TELEPHONE- New York avec toi.gpx
TEXAS - Summer son.gpx
The ANIMALS - The house of the rising sun.gpx
The PRETTY RECKLESS - Make me wanna die.gpx
The PRETTY RECKLESS - Make me wanna die (G).gpx
The ROLLING STONES - Honky tonk women.gpx
The ROLLING STONES - Miss you.gpx
The ROLLING STONES - Paint it black.gpx
The WHITE STRIPES - 7 nation army.gpx
TOWER OF POWER - Soul with a capital S.gpx
WHO - My generation.gpx
WISHBONE ASH - The king will come.gpx
WRIGGLES - Pourquoi.gpx


ACCEPT - Fast As A Shark.gpx
ACCEPT - Princess Of The Dawn.gpx
ACDC - Back In Black.gpx
ACDC - Beating around the bush.gpx
ACDC - Girls Got Rhythm.gpx
ACDC - Hells Bells.gpx
ACDC - Live wire.gpx
ACDC - Sin City.gpx
ACDC - Thunderstruck.gpx
AFTER FOREVER - Transitory.gpx
ALICE COOPER - I'm Eighteen.gpx
ANOREXIA NERVOSA- Le Châtiment de la Rose.gpx
ANTHRAX - I'm Eighteen.gpx
APOCALYPTICA- Harmageddon (G).gpx
APOCALYPTICA- Harmageddon (Vc).gpx
BEHEMOTH - Conquer all.gpx
BRING ME THE HORIZON - Pray For Plagues.gpx
BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE - Scream aim fire.gpx
DEF LEPPARD - Switch 625.gpx
DESTRUCTION- Thrash attack.gpx
DEW SCENTED - Acts of rage.gpx
DEW SCENTED - Bitter conflict.gpx
DEW SCENTED - Unconditional.gpx
DREAM THEATER - Erotomania.gpx
EUROPE - Days of Rock'n Roll.gpx
FINNTROLL - Solsagan.gpx
HIGH POWER - Offrande charnelle.gpx
HOLOCAUST- Death or glory.gpx
HOLOCAUST- Heavy Metal mania.gpx
IN EXTREMO - Santa Maria.gpx
JUDAS PRIEST - Before The Dawn.gpx
JUDAS PRIEST - Breaking the law.gpx
JUDAS PRIEST - Hell bent for leather.gpx
JUDAS PRIEST - The ripper.gpx
KREATOR- People of the lie.gpx
LED ZEPPELIN - Celebration Day.gpx
LED ZEPPELIN - Immigrant Song.gpx
LED ZEPPELIN - Rock'n roll.gpx
LED ZEPPELIN - Stairway (Arpège light).gpx
LED ZEPPELIN - Stairway To Heaven.gpx
LED ZEPPELIN - Whole Lotta Love.gpx
LOUDBLAST - Cross the Threshold.gpx
LOUDBLAST - No tears to share.gpx
MANSON - Fight song.gpx
MANSON - Sweet dreams.gpx
MEGADETH - This Was My Life.gpx
MEGADETH- The Killing Road.gpx
METALLICA - Enter Sandman.gpx
METALLICA - For Whom The Bell Tolls.gpx
METALLICA - Master Of Puppets.gpx
METALLICA - Metal Militia.gpx
METALLICA - Seek and destroy.gpx
METALLICA - The Call of Ktulu.gpx
METALLICA - The Four Horsemen.gpx
NIGHTWISH- Crimson tide deep blue sea.gpx
NIGHTWISH- Sacrament of wilderness.gpx
OBSCURA - Ten Sepiroth.gpx
Pat BENATAR - Heartbreaker.gpx
RAMMSTEIN- Feuer frei.gpx
RAMMSTEIN- Ich will.gpx
SOAD - Aerials.gpx
SOAD- B.Y.O.B..gpx
SOAD - Chop Suey.gpx
SOAD- Lonely day.gpx
SOAD - Toxicity.gpx
SOAD- Violent pornography.gpx
STONE SOUR - Digital.gpx
THERION- Enter vril-ya.gpx
THIN LIZZY- Hollywood.gpx
THIN LIZZY- Massacre.gpx
TRIVIUM - Dying in your arms.gpx
TRUST- Antisocial.gpx
UFO - Long gone.gpx
X JAPAN - X.gpx


ANVIL - Future wars (Intro).gpx
Chuck BERRY - Johnny B. Goode.gpx
CORONER - No need to be human.gpx
CORONER - Nosferatu.gpx
CORONER - Son of Lilith.gpx
DEEP PURPLE- Highway star.gpx
DEEP PURPLE- Smoke on the water.gpx
DIAMOND HEAD - Am I evil.gpx
Eddie VAN HALEN - Runnin' with the devil.gpx
ERA - Ameno.gpx
Gary MOORE - Empty rooms.gpx
Gary MOORE - Sunset.gpx
Gary MOORE - The Loner.gpx
IRON MAIDEN - Flight of Icarus.gpx
John PETRUCCI - Erotomania.gpx
Kiko LOUREIRO - Taping.gpx
LED ZEPPELIN - Stairway To Heaven.gpx
MALMSTEEN - Far beyond the sun (début).gpx
MEGADETH - Architecture of aggression.gpx
MEGADETH- The Killing Road.gpx
MERCYFUL FATE - Doomed by the living dead (Intro).gpx
METALLICA - Nothing else matters.gpx
MSG - Doctor, doctor.gpx
NIRVANA - Smells like teen spirit.gpx
OFFSPRING - The noose.gpx
Patrick MOULOU - The 8 of Juanary.gpx
Philippe CATHERINE - September man.gpx
Randy RHOADS - Crazy train.gpx
Randy RHOADS - Flyin' high again.gpx
Randy RHOADS - Glad all over.gpx
Randy RHOADS - Good-bye to romance.gpx
Randy RHOADS - I don't know.gpx
Randy RHOADS - Mr. Crowley.gpx
Randy RHOADS - No bone movies.gpx
Randy RHOADS - Over the mountain.gpx
Randy RHOADS - Revelation.gpx
Randy RHOADS - S.A.T.O..gpx
Randy RHOADS - Steal away (the night).gpx
SAXON - 747.gpx
STATUS QUO - Backwater.gpx
Steve VAI - Eugene trick's bag.gpx
Tony MACALPINE - Hundreds of thousands.gpx
Tony MACALPINE - Porcelain Doll.gpx
Tony MACALPINE - Tears Of Sahara.gpx
Tony MACALPINE - The King's Cup.gpx
Tony MACALPINE - The Raven.gpx
Tony MACALPINE - The Stranger.gpx
Tony MACALPINE - The Vision.gpx
Tony Mc ALPINE (Jeff WATSON) - The king's cup.gpx
TRAD. - King of the fairies (WAYLANDER).gpx
TRAD. - Sailor's hornpipe.gpx
TRUST - Le sauvage.gpx
TYGERS OF PAN TANG - Running out of time.gpx
Vinnie MOORE - Morning star.gpx
Z 2G - ACCEPT - Fast as a shark.gpx
Z 2G - HELLOWEEN - Heavy Metal (is the law).gpx
Z 2G - HOLOCAUST - Heavy metal mania.gpx
Z 2G - JUDAS PRIEST - Victims of changes.gpx
Z 2G - KISS - Detroit rock city.gpx
Z 2G - MAIDEN - Murders in the rue Morgue.gpx
Z 2G - X JAPAN - Art of life.gpx
Z Basse - MANOWAR - Sting of the bumblebee.gpx

BO - Divers

BO Aglaë et Sidonie.gpx
BO Amicalement votre.gpx
BO Benny Hill.gpx
BO De Funès - La soupe aux choux.gpx
BO De Funès - Le gendarme de St Trozpet.gpx
BO De Funès - Rabbi Jacob.gpx
BO GAME OF THRONES - Acoustique.gpx
BO GAME OF THRONES - Guitares.gpx
BO GAME OF THRONES - Les pluies de Castamere.gpx
BO Il était une fois dans l'ouest.gpx
BO Inspecteur Gadget.gpx
BO James Bond.gpx
BO La famille Adams.gpx
BO Laurel et Hardy.gpx
BO Le grand blond....gpx
BO Les Simpsons.gpx
BO L'île aux enfants.gpx
BO Lord of the rings - Gollum's song.gpx
BO Magnum.gpx
BO Mission Impossible.gpx
BO Pulp Fiction - Surf rider.gpx
BO Pulp Fiction - Thème.gpx
BO Shrek.gpx
BO South Park.gpx
BO Star Wars - Dark Vador.gpx
BO Star Wars - Thème.gpx
BO Super Mario.gpx
BO The Muppet Show.gpx
BO Thierry la fronde.gpx
BO Tintin.gpx
TRAD - BRATSCH - Noubar.gpx
TRAD - Espana Cani.gpx
TRAD - Fire on the mountain.gpx
TRAD - Nikolaos MARGARITAKIS - O choros ton theon.gpx


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